Steel Matches

Match Description
Targets are primarily reactive steel, such as spinners, poppers, swingers, movers, and plates. Shooters will engage targets out to 550 yards. Emphasis is on precision and speed, shooting from a variety of challenging positions and props.

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Our matches incorporate the following:

  • Positional Shooting
  • Multiple Targets
  • Shooting from various props, including barricades, fences, enclosures, simulated rooftops and vehicles, etc.
  • Hold overs and hold unders.
  • Time pressure.

Please check our calendar for current dates. Registration is from 7:30 am to 8:00 am. The Safety Brief starts promptly at 08:00 am. Attendance at the Safety Brief is mandatory. If you are late for the Safety Brief you will not be allowed to shoot. This event is limited to the 40 shooters. Specific Course of Fire instructions are given before the match.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, Range 6 (Silhouette range).

Open to all shooters. If you are not a voting member of NCPPRC, you must complete a Shooting Class membership application upon arrival.

$20.00 for NCPPRC Voting Members
$30.00 for Shooting Class Members

Minimum Required Equipment List
Bolt Rifle with optics in 6mm to 30cal at a speed limit of 3100 fps
Ammo — 75 rounds. NO Full Metal Jacket, Steel Core, or Armor Piercing rounds allowed. Some months may have a higher round count. Please join our online forum for up to date information.
Hearing protection (Electronic amplifying models strongly suggested)
Eye Protection
Empty Chamber Flags
Tools to run your gun and optics (We want to minimize delays as much as possible).
Note taking gear.
Some sort of pack to carry all your equipment/gear in.
Shooters may use any other accessory as long as it is carried through the duration of the match.
Shooters must complete the match with the same rifle he or she started with.
Pack wisely since all gear will need to be with you on the firing line at all times, but will not be required to be carried during a course of fire.
Elbow pads, knee pads, and good foot wear strongly suggested.
Water and snacks.