Long Range Practice

Long Range Practice Sessions are typically held monthly. Please check our club calendar for current dates. Practice sessions are also scheduled “on the fly” with dates and time posted on our online forum.

NCPPRC Members: Pay SVSC range fee.
Non-Members: Pay SVSC range fee + $10 to NCPPRC.


First proceed to the range office. Let them know you are shooting with NCPPRC on Range 12. You will sign the range forms, pay the range fee, and receive a wristband. The range office opens at 07:30 am. Then proceed to the target pit area at the end of the 1000 yard range (Range 12).

Sign the NCPPRC waiver and put your name on the squading/relay sheet. Non NCPPRC members pay an additional $10 at that time. Then help with set up of the target area. Sign In is from 7:30 am to 8:15 am. The Safety Brief starts promptly at 08:30 am. Attendance at the Safety Brief is mandatory. If you are late for the Safety Brief you will not be allowed to shoot.

New/first time shooters always welcome, just let us know when you sign in at the pits so we can squad you accordingly.

For new/first timers:
We shoot for 10 minutes at each distance from 200 to 1000 yards – 200, 300, 425, 500, 600, 800, 900, and 1000 yards.

We also shoot off the concrete barricades located at 425 yards.

We drive from one line to the next except the barricades so have your gear so it’s easy to get out of and into your vehicle to minimize down time and for carrying to the barricades.

There is a firing line Range Officer (RO) and a Pit RO – do as they say.

There are two relays, alternating shooters in the field and pulling targets in the pits. If you shoot on first relay you have to stay and pull the target for the second relay.

Figure on being there until 1:00 pm or so.

If you come with a shooting buddy and want to pull targets for each other, and have your own 2 way radios that is ok, in fact we encourage it.

You do not need to bring a spotting scope.

Empty chamber indicator flags are required (available at the Public Range House).

Bring water and snacks as none are provided and there are no scheduled breaks.